Natural Products


    Director Erminia Bianchino - PhD


    Biogem Nutraceutical Laboratory responds to the renewed and growing interest in substances of natural origin capable of performing a beneficial function on the body.

    The laboratory offers key services for the development of new products (dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, bio-cosmetics) with improved quality, safety, and efficacy.

    Extraction of active molecules from natural sources

    Thanks to the technology of the Naviglio Extractor®, Nutraceutical Laboratory offers high-quality services in the extraction (cold extraction) from a wide range of natural matrices. The dynamic extractor is an innovative solid-liquid extraction technology that allows to process in a short time, solid matrices containing extractable substances in aqueous, alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solvents. The application of a well-established know-how allows to reduce the activity time and ensures the high efficiency of the extraction process. Extraction at room temperature avoids thermal stress for thermolabile molecules, preserving the composition of the substances contained in medicinal plants, without inducing transformations to the active ingredients.


    Lyophilization of natural products

    Lyophilization is a sophisticated technological process which allows the removal of water from an organic substance by sublimation, minimizing the structural or biochemical deterioration of substance components.

    Biogem Nutraceutical Laboratory offers a complete lyophilization service that can be totally tailored to the customer's needs: from lyophilization of liquids and plant extracts to a wide range of experimental solutions aimed at improving the properties of final product.

    Lyophilization of Snail Slime

    Biogem Nutraceutical Laboratory developed a unique lyophilization method specific for snail slime, that ensures the complete removal of the aqueous component, preserving the chemical integrity of the functional substances in which this product is rich. The lyophilization process allows a prolonged storage and the concentration of the active ingredients, a particularly favorable condition for the formulation of final products (cosmetics or medical devices).

    Chemical characterization of natural extracts

    Biogem Nutraceutical Laboratory uses advanced analytical techniques (chromatographic techniques coupled with mass spectrometry) to assess product quality, to monitor process reproducibility, to define the metabolic profile of the extracts, and to determine qualitatively and quantitively the phytochemical markers, as well.


    In vitro and in vivo preclinical studies on active ingredients of natural origin

    Biogem has laboratories for the biological characterization of the products of interests both in vitro and in vivo. Product specific assays can be developed according to scientific literature for the assessment of nutraceutical properties of natural extracts and/or purified biomolecules, and for the definition of their mechanisms of action, as well.

    Experimental activities

    - Preparation of fluid extracts, mother tinctures, glycerin preparations, oleolites

    - Extraction from natural matrices for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, animal husbandry and food sectors.

    - Lyophilization

    - Qualitative and quantitative analysis by chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques

    - Analysis of biological activity (in vitro and in vivo)

    - Micronization by spray drying

    Available instruments

    • Naviglio Extractor® (2L, 20L, and 40L)
    • STELLAR® Laboratory Freeze Dryer
    • Mini Spray-dryer B290
    • Grinding Mill Albrigi in Herba
    • HPLC / MS

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