Experimental Pharmacology and Analytical Biochemistry


    Director Prof. Claudio Pisano


    This unit supplies biochemical and cell-based screenings aimed to assess the biological activity and toxicity profile of small molecules and/or biologics. 
    The custom cell-based assays and the high-throughput screening (HTS) platforms allow to rapidly characterize the test compound in terms of mechanism of action, cytotoxicity, and other properties.

    Experimental Activities

    • Cell culture (maintenance and storage, tests for pathogens and toxins identifications)
    • Isolation of new primary cell lines
    • Cytotoxicity and proliferation assays
    • Pathways modulation analysis using different methods
    • ELISA, Western blot, Immunofluorescence assays
    • FACS
    • Chemotaxis, migration and angiogenesis
    • Phenotypic Screening and Live Cell Imaging (Operetta High-Content Imaging System)
    • Evaluation of ligand-receptor affinity by SPR (Biacore T200)


    On the basis of the experimental requirements it is possible to choose between more than 100 cellular models, including:

    • stabilized cell lines
    • primary cells from different tumour types
    • engineered cell lines expressing  GFP or Luciferase reporter genes

    ADME in vitro evaluation

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